Sunday night and updating

Right on to Occupy Wall Street, October2011, OccupyTogether, Global Oneness Day, and all the events that help in any way, little or grand, to stand up together and say, We are All One, Todos Somos Uno y es tiempo and it’s time – Ahora Now we are saying and singing out loud.  No more Greed; no more profit-at-any-cost; look into our eyes and see your Self and the God/Life of your understanding.  Reach out your hand.  There are many to extend theirs as well.

Walt Whitman extended his hand. His Song of Self is rockin’ – and I may post a bit of it soon.  For this evening, letting you know that on The Middle Times, I’ll be posting information, essays and who knows what, about being in these middle times; see what they are; moving through them as we build and be a bridge into a new way and a new day.


On Organic Gmama’s Cafe, I’ll be posting a lot about food and water, so keep an eye open for that.  Knowing what’s in our food – and being allowed to know – is critical to our health and well-being, short-term and long-term.

On WordSpirit, I’ll be finishing up the site, whilst I complete the space where translators, linguists, language teachers, interpreters, lovers of words, story-tellers, shamans, shanaches, and more, can inhabit as a home space, a base or network from which to work, serve, assist, or share a story.  WordSpiritComNet is a hub of conscious commerce people, where companies and individuals can come and find many of the services their business needs can be handled within the WordSpirit Communications Network - with a specialty in executive level client relations and retention; complaint resolution; new hire and re-charge training; with all packages customized and available in multilingual format, with 24 hour availability, an introductory conversation is quite a workable step to take.


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Organic Gmamá’s Cafe

 is a special place for me.

There are three topics (and as you know, everything is interconnected and interdependent):  Food, Air, and Water.

Food:  There is so much in our food unknown to us.  In the network’s THE MIDDLE TIMES blog, moving through these times to a new day, being/doing a new way, we talk about knowing what is; for if we don’t know what is REAL, then we can not acknowledge and understand What Is, so we can address it.

So, there are so many positives interwoven into the stories of food, air, and water.  There are myriad challenges as well.  Dis-ease comes from what we breathe, drink, and eat and its attendant issues.  Pure food, simply grown (as organic as possible to avoid poisons), lovingly and healthily prepared and shared is what we’re talking about.  How-do-we-address? How-to-recognize? How much/little do we know about our food and its path from pre-planting or creation, through the process, and to our tables?  There are attendant issues to Food (e. g. topsoil depletion: why, how, solutions?)  Share your wisdom in this area with us and we’ll share back ours.  Interested in being authoring a post or two?

Water:  These three life-enabling topics are all critical.  With no topsoil, or topsoil that is dead, We the Humans are in deep padoodah poop.  With bad air, our human systems will become dis-eased and, with illness, our lives are shortened and the quality is lessened.  But with water, it’s more than that.  Do you know how many days you are able to survive without water?  Let’s talk.

Let’s have a dialogue about clean/dirty water; have one about turning sewage waste water into drinking water; look across the planet and see where and how fresh water resources are being used and/or depleted and polluted.  Then We the Humans know What Is, and we can acknowledge that, and work to change it (unless you enjoy it the way it is); co-creating something that works for all of us.

Todos somos Uno.  We are all One.

Air:  no trees, no oxygen, no Life.  That’s numero uno.  Let’s talk about What Is, with trees, rain forests, and get to know where air is exchanged and what we’re looking at in the way of how our air is poisoned.  We ask why? Once we see What Is, then We the Humans have acknowledged that this is something that is happening. We see solutions from sharing our own wisdom in words and with ideas that we can understand.

Unnecessarily cumbersome, complex, pompous, obtuse, superfluous, concealing, euphemistic words and phrases; pseudo-explanations, you name it – those are not only not necessary, but not sought.  Whatever word, phrase, or sentence contains the most clarity; contains the words with the least energy or ideology or judgment or anything that serves to help us co-create a path through THE MIDDLE TIMES into a new way and new day… that’s the kind of dialogue, conversation, yes, that actively moves us.

an organic seed, sustained topsoil, and a loving hand - healthy food

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The Middle Times

THE MIDDLE TIMES is a blog I really love having created and that I continue to nurture,  so it can grow and I can share my wisdom from what I’ve learned and learn from your wisdom shared with me.

It’s about practical things – a sharing of the reality of What Is – not what it should be, could be, would be, ought to be, if only ‘they’ had done what ‘we’ said/thought/knew/believed.  We all bring to this discussion a wide array of thought and feeling. Deconstruction is part of getting to sharing, for real, our very own cultural inside space, in order to co-create.

It’s about spiritual things – a sharing of a wide array of beliefs from which we hope to utilize what works and leave aside what doesn’t, all the while savoring what it was about those beliefs that gave you the passion for it in the first place.  We are always evolving; because Fuente/Source/God/Life – evolves.  Everything is one thing.

Todos somos Uno.  We are all One.

It’s about co-creating – an essential for the the journey through these Middle Times.  There are myriad forces, meeting us in this Moment of Now, that are convergent in a way that may never have occurred before.  I see this time where, as spirit in human expression, our awareness and discernment at peak operating reality, is a level we might plan to exist on always and in all ways possible for co-creating.

There is, indeed, a new day, and we are co-creating it as assuredly as we are co-creating the new way through the Middle Times into that next Moment of Now:  a new day.

We are coming together to consider the REAL issues of these Moments of Now, in order to move into new dimensions and to new levels.  Reality speaks to us of challenging times; bringing us the opportunity to reach out; to take the hand; to learn skills; to share those skills in a how-to way that empowers another of us.

When is Now; Who is Us; now up on the floor, my friends;            The journey is, indeed, The Dance.


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Creating a new home…

I’m in the process of moving back – to a new home. Yep.  It’s a home I’ve been ‘trying’ to create for a long time, and for reasons that both worked and didn’t work in other areas, I put it aside.  From volunteering for seven years with a non-profit organization based on the books written by Neale Donald Walsch (which was a great ride, until the Universe told me it was time to move on, and I didn’t listen) to a fantastic Facebook page with 3,000 totally cool (virtually all :-) people on it from around the planet, that I still love, but know (this time) that it’s time to change direction toward ‘home’ once again.  I’m hopeful that many of the folks I called ‘virtual friends’ will move over to my new Facebook page for WordSpiritComNet.

Focus is truly critical. I love to learn and I love talking with and sharing with people – learning from them. I’ve learned a great deal along this path, and I’m grateful to all.  Now it’s time to turn around and share it all, and hope to learn even more. 

One of my very best friends (a sister), and my son both, in the past week, have talked about how negative Facebook and specifically politics, can become; and by extension, myself as I share.  It’s difficult to not be with so much of what is going on in our world; and when it’s spun to suit a few, rather than the Whole, it can become disheartening. 

I am hopeful; and grateful; to Lynn and to Chris.  Thank you. I love you both.  So here we go:  on a path to new dimensions…to sharing awareness…to co-creating; practical spirituality and practical on-the-ground steps and discussion for moving through the Paradigm Shift, as the Old Illusion of Separateness, Hierarchy, Difference, Less, and all the things we know that no longer serve us…

We are co-creating the space into which Oneness Consciousness dances. So, up on the floor, my friends, and let’s rock.

The Journey is, indeed, the Dance.

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